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Social Media Strategy & Content

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Social Media

Build brand engagement that converts to sales

Social Media is not only about staying relevant in the consumer’s mind, but also about using it as a customer service channel. Also, Social Media needs to be connected with the website to act as a funnel for incremental page views.

With so many different formats of content such as images, texts, video, infographics, etc., content creation is a critical for social media. We have copy writers, graphics designers and social media managers to create social media content. We create social media calenders to plan content for each day so that content creation can be pre-planned and efficient.

Apart from content, we need tools to run social media. Following are the tools that we use to run your social media pages:

  • A web listening tool to understand the trends, news, rumors and happenings in real time
  • A social media management tool to do influencer marketing, bucket content and data analysis
  • A social media publishing tool to plan and schedule the social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • A social media engagement tool to provide customer service, and respond to consumer comments on Facebook and Twitter.

At Kuhipaat, we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to use the power of social media to not only create a favourable brand imagery and a fan base, but also to generate business out of it, with smart targeting in the forms of leads and actual conversions.

Step No.


Objective Definition

Social Media has been used for different objectives. It is used to create brand awareness, recognition, and sales as well as to provide customer service. Each objective requires different technology, skill sets and teams.

Step No.


Content Strategy

The organic content strategy is essential to for the objectives that we set. Access to information, the right information and information credibility is critical. Media listening tools help in generating the right kind of content.

Step No.


Channel Selection

Although Facebook today is the most popular social media channel, there are other relevant social media platforms and websites that can create the right reach & frequency for the content, with the best possible ROI.

Step No.


Content Creation

Content must be relevant, interesting, useful and prolific to build a voluntary base of followers. It is important to conclude on the content formats to have the content produced on a regular basis, and budget accordingly.

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