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Search Marketing

When consumers look for your product, we get his contact details for you.

Search Marketing is the art and science of being found when you are being searched for, intentionally or unintentionally. It is an art because consumer behavior and ad relevance plays an essential role. It is a science because measurement, tracking and algorithms are the lifeblood of a successful search marketing campaign.

Search Marketing is not Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Marketing is a paid marketing activity where we have to pay for every click(PPC Advertising) that we get on our ads.

Search Marketing is very efficient to generate and convert business leads as well as build brand awareness. Search marketing can be done using text ads, display ads, video and animation in laptops as well as mobile phones.

Search Marketing or Google Ads or Adwords or Bing Ads are very effective for the following businesses:

  • Real estate builders to sell flats
  • Schools & Colleges to get admissions
  • Super markets & malls to get footfalls
  • Specialty hospitals to create awareness about specialists and super-specialists
  • Tour operators selling tourism packages, tickets & car rentals
  • Direct Marketing companies with feet on street or a call centre
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Objective Definition

Search Marketing is a targeted marketing activity. We have to be clear when we want to generate leads, increase sales and increase traffic. Basis the objectives, the campaign will be set to achieve & track the outcomes.

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Keyword Targeting

Keywords tell us what the consumer is searching / interested for. They can be search words put on Google / Bing / Yahoo to get search results; or can be words that the consumers are reading on different websites.

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Ad / Landing Page Design

If the brand needs to appear relevant to our consumers, the ads and the landing pages have to follow the keyword strategy. There must be minimum dissonance between the keywords, the ads and the landing page.

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Daily Measurement.

Computers run Search Marketing campaigns after we configure them. It may not understand mistakes that can lead to blowing off the budget. Secondly, daily tracking enables us to improve and implement best practices.

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