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If we read, observe and think, we can create and communicate. We will use Internet technology to shape and spread our creativity, our strategy. We are Kuhipaat - where communications meet technology.

We are a communications company based in Duliajan, Assam with working offices in Guwahati. It is founded by Durlov Baruah alongside his web technology expert friend, Rahul Kubadia.

Kuhipaat Communications and Technology Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in Mumbai in the year 2013. Kuhipaat means a 'new leaf' in Assamese - a dominant language in the northeastern state of Assam, India. The 'new leaf' was the idea that there is a need for a knowledge bridge between communications expertise and web technology expertise. Web and mobile technology is increasingly playing the enabler of communication and brand management. There is a need for a new class of people who understands brand management and web technology equally well to bring in synergies. Kuhipaat is exactly bringing that expertise to everyone who needs communications solutions through the media of technology.

Kuhipaat started as a two person consultancy and later became a team of professionals in 2016 when a full fledged working office was set up in the idyllic town of Duliajan, Assam. Duliajan is the operational headquarter of Oil India Limited, and provides for excellent infrastructure for an outsourcing business set up. It was a dream of the founder to create employment opportunities in his home state of Assam.

There are a few guiding principles that motivates the company. We believe in communications and the power of consumer behaviour and consumer insights. We believe that Communications is eternal and technology is the transient enabler as newer technologies are evolving every day. The company is driven by the philosophy of 'Stay Local. Think Global.' We believe that location is not a barrier. One can stay in any location and yet be connected to work for the world. Kuhipaat's extensive global clientele today speaks for itself. It wishes to grow and multiply further in terms of providing newer communication solutions to the old problems of branding, marketing and sales; and to assist job creation in the less privileged state of Assam.

Durlov Baruah has 15 years of experience in communications and consumer-facing technology. A management graduate from MICA, he has worked with one of the top advertising agency, Mudra Communications. He had primarily managed account planning for McDonalds, India, along with shorter stints for FMCG brand Godrej Soaps and retail store brand, BigBazaar.

He then moved on to the client side of the advertising business joining ICICI Bank as the marketing manager. It was 2005 when ICICI Bank gave him the exposure to online marketing, and the role that web technology can play in branding, marketing and sales strategy. He got to understand websites, search marketing and how web technology operates to provide online services such as online remittances. He later moved on to Deutsche Bank to handle online marketing, websites, SMS and Email Marketing. He later became the Head of Internet Banking of Deutsche Bank PBC India. He was instrumental in bringing innovations in many consumer facing Internet services like ecommerce payments, fund transfers, loyalty management, lead management systems etc. He resigned as the Head of Internet Banking of Deutsche Bank to start Kuhipaat in his home state, Assam.

Rahul Kubadia, is a Computer Engineer with over 20 years of experience in software archtecture and development. He has extensive experience in web technology using PHP, Java EE technologies, system and software architecture for complex banking applications, development and design of enterprise document management and workflow solutions. An engineering graduate from Mumbai, he has developed and delivered software products for several Fortune 500 companies and is recognized for excellence in delivering open and configurable software to diverse markets.

Rahul Kubadia is our web technology architect. He orchestrates the development and release of the company's software requirements, setting up networks, databases and hosting environments, setting up security protocols and implementation of testing and version management environments.

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Brand Image.

We understand your brand is what your consumers think about it. It is about building perceptions and an imagery for your brand that will help you get a premium, and a competitive advantage in the market. We start our consultancy after understanding your brand for the consumer to connect and establish a relationship.

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Creative Strategy.

The solutions to your branding, marketing or sales problems form the creative communication strategy. The strategy could involve your website functionalities, content, SEO, SEM, Social Media, online advertising or an application on the web / mobile. The effort is to make the strategy innovative, effective, relevant and interesting for your target audience.

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Service Delivery.

A strategy only works when it is possible to be implemented with the myriad restrictions of budget and other external variables. We work hard to create strategies that can be delivered and implemented. We go a step forward and emphasize on measuring the service delivery in terms of its expected results and outcomes. MIS and tracking are critical elements of a successful communication campaign.

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